Alison Burgess UDip CTBM

I have loved, owned and trained dogs for over 40 years. In 2007 I began to take my hobby more seriously and commenced a structured study of canine behaviour. Wheelgates Canine Behaviour and Training was established in 2009. I still enjoy working my own dogs and have participated in Good Citizen, scent work, obedience, Rally Obedience, trick training, and carriage/road dog competitions. I love to take my dogs out into the community and enjoyed a brief spell handling one of my Dalmatians as a P.A.T. dog (Pets as Therapy). I am an assessor for British Dalmatian Welfare, and have fostered dogs of various different breeds for several organisations. I have recently started to work for Dog A.I.D. as a volunteer trainer.

Experience and Qualifications

  • I hold a University Diploma in Canine Training and Behaviour Management through study at Harper Adams University (2013).
  • I successfully completed the Advanced Diploma with John Rogerson-the Northern Centre of Canine Behaviour- with a mark of 96% (2015).
  • I was assistant instructor to John Rogerson on his 21 day international dog training and behaviour course in India (2013).
  • I have been awarded professional grade membership of the P.D.T.I. (Pet Dog Training Instructors) and passed their advanced instructing skills award with merit (2012).
  • I am a Kennel Club A list examiner of the Good Citizen Scheme.
  • I am a registered instructor with Dog A.I.D. (Assistance in Disability) 
  • I also have an OCN in Introduction to Dog Grooming (2010), Certification of Education (theory and practice of education, Lancaster University 1977) and Preliminary Teaching Test (British Horse Society 1994).

To ensure you benefit from the most up to date thinking and approaches to dog training and behaviour, I regularly attend and host seminars and courses with some of the world’s most renowned animal behaviourists, trainers and practitioners. These are listed below:

Seminars & Courses Arranged by Wheelgates

Canine Welfare, Rescue and Rehoming John Rogerson 2016
KCAI Intensive Training Day John Rogerson 2016
Rally Working Trials-2 day John Rogerson 2016
Aggression awareness Ross McCarthy of Dog Safety Education Executive 2015
Advanced behaviour counselling-5 day John Rogerson 2015
Predatory chase control David Ryan 2015
Dogs that bite and fight David Ryan 2015
Advanced training and behaviour-9 day John Rogerson 2012
Tracking, trailing, search and rescue-4 day John Rogerson 2011
Dog law Trevor Cooper 2010
The Dog Vinci Code-2 day John Rogerson 2010
4 day CSI-scent work, tasks and control work-4 day John Rogerson 2010
Behaviour modification Dean Hart 2010
CSI-tracking, trailing, search and rescue-4 day John Rogerson 2009

Other Seminars & Courses Attended

Why You Can’t Just Train Good Behaviour Helen Zulch 2016
Kennel Club canine sports seminars (annual) The Kennel Club 2008 to 2015
Understanding play behaviour John Rogerson 2015
Breeding and raising better dogs for our society John Rogerson for PDTI conference 2015
The canine collective noun KCAI career zone Crufts-Ross McCarthy 2015
From theory to application-scientific findings KCAI career zone Cufts-Jacqueline Boyd 2015
Predatory chase KCAI career zone Crufts-Jane Arden 2015
The role of pain in problem behaviour KCAI career zone Crufts-Prof Daniel Mills 2015
Dog to dog play-master class level 4 Sarah Whitehead Alpha Education 2010
4 day CSI-scent work, tasks and control work-4 day John Rogerson for Solihull Dog Training Club 2015
Resource guarding Sarah Whitehead Alpha Education 2015
Aggression: why we are where we are KCAI career zone Crufts-Ross McCarthy 2014
Temperament testing KCAI career zone Crufts-Nathalie Ingham 2014
Dangerous dogs-are puppy parties to blame? KCAI career zone Crufts-Jane Hanshaw 2014
Home-checking for rescues Learning about animals 2013
Are you thinking what I am thinking? Patricia McConnell 2013
Beginners to winners-ringcraft Eastbourne Canine Society 2012
Harness the power of the dog’s nose APBC conference 2012
Is your dog happy?-webinar Nina Bonderenco for SCAS 2012
Introduction to pet bereavement SCAS 2012
Canine communication and social signalling Winkie Spiers for the webinar behaviourist 2012
Pet dog training-2 day John Rogerson 2011
Scent work- master class Pam Mackinnon for Alpha Education 2011
Conformation and movement & points of a dog Stephen Bardwell for the Kennel Club 2011
Scent work 1, 2, 3 x2, and 4 Pam Mackinnon Talking Dogs 2011/12/13
Calming the conflict The Dogs Trust 2011
Training and behaviour-the harmonious approach APBC conference 2011
Games to play in class Stella Bagshaw for APDT 2010
Breeds needs- masterclass Sarah Whitehead Alpha Education 2010
Hyper-dog -masterclass Sarah Whitehead Alpha Education 2010
Aggression- masterclass Sarah Whitehead Alpha education 2010
The stockman’s eye Pat Sutton of Rossut Beagles 2010
Welfare and rehabilitation-4 day John Rogerson 2009
Pre and post event canine massage The Galen centre 2009
APDT rally work shop Stella Bagshaw for APDT 2009
An introduction to stress in dogs Sheila Harper 2008
There’s more to clicker training than just the click Vince Forehead 2008
The law and how it affects dogs and dog owners Trevor Cooper 2008
Canine aggression-4 day John Rogerson 2008
Dog training instruction-5 day John Rogerson 2008
Canine first aid Animal Aiders 2008
Canine communication and handling skills -2 day Turid Rugass for Action 4 dogs 2008
Introduction to canine massage The Galen Centre 2008
Deafness in Dalmatians Judith Skerret for North of England Dalmatian Club 2007
Canine Fertility Keith Shea for the North of England Dalmatian Club 2007
Get Trained with Dorwest”-pass with distinction Dorwest 2007
Canine fears anxieties and phobias Dean Hart Sussex Canine Centre 2007
Dog behaviour-5 day John Rogerson 2007
Foundation course in canine behaviour-5 day John Rogerson 2007
Dog behaviour John Rogerson for BCDS 2007
Puppy development-4 day John Rogerson 2007
Dog Social Behaviour Ian Dunbar 2002