Wheelgates is Kennel Club listed, fully insured and offers services designed to help your dog become a confident and well-behaved companion who will be a pleasure to own.

Problem behaviour is our specialism and we can help solve a variety of behaviour and training problems using positive and non confrontational methods.

Puppy Home Starts are very popular and become booked up early. Get in touch with us when you put a deposit down on your puppy to be sure of optimum timing for the best possible start!

Wheelgates also hosts seminars with highly respected speakers, such as John Rogerson KCAI , David Ryan PG Dip (CABC) CCAB and dog law expert, Trevor Cooper. Past topics have covered dog aggression, predatory chase control and behaviour counselling for canine professionals. These courses are often booked up very early so do ask to be put on the contact list if you are interested.

We are sorry but there is no availability at this time on the Good Citizen or companion courses.


One to One Training and Behavioural Management

This is for you if your dog’s behaviour causes you a problem or you cannot commit to a course of classes for any reason.

A minimum of 1 hour with your dog includes an assessment and a behaviour modification or training plan to help solve your particular problem. Subsequent support by email and telephone is included in the price.

Total price: £45 for one hour 1-2-1 training and assessment Prices from £65 for behavioural management of specific problems

Runaway Rover

This is the workshop for you if you have a dog that will not come back when called.

A one off 90-minute session of theory and practice:

  • understand the reasons why dogs don’t always come back when called
  • identify why your dog is ignoring you
  • equip you to teach him a better way
  • help you become your dog’s best friend

Total price: £15

Walk Nicely

This is the workshop for you if walking your dog on lead is a struggle for both of you and you wish to transform your walks into a pleasant experience for you and your dog.

A 90-minute session of theory and practice:

  • understand why dogs pull
  • discover the right technique to stop your dog pulling
  • practice loose lead walking and close heelwork (for getting past those enticing distractions)
  • learn how to maintain the progress you make on the workshop

Total price: £15

Puppy Home Start

If you have recently acquired a puppy and want the best possible start in your life together, this one-to-one support can give you the help you need.

A minimum of 1 hour in your home, Puppy Home Start offers help with house training, jumping up, mouthing, chewing and harnessing natural instincts.

Includes a handout on how to avoid common problems.

Price: £45

Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation

This course is for puppies as soon as you welcome them into your home. Puppies can be carried and kept on their own blanket until your vet gives them clearance to join in fully after their first course of vaccinations. We only allow a maximum of 8 puppies.

These 45 minute classes cover the basic skills you need to:

  • correctly socialise your puppy with people and dogs
  • train your puppy
  • ensure good manners
  • handle, groom and play to create positive experiences

You will also learn how to avoid common puppy problems and what to do if it all goes wrong!

Total Price: 6 week course £54

Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold

These courses cover the Kennel Club good citizen dog scheme.

It will suit you if you would like to work your way through a recognisable scheme, teaching your dog good social behaviour and building friendships with other dog owners as you progress through the levels.

These 45 minute classes offer you:

  • a variety of methods for teaching social skills to companion dogs
  • a supportive environment for practising with the distraction of other dogs
  • certificates and rosettes awarded by Kennel Club
  • peer support

Total price: 6 weeks £54

Companion Dog

If you would like day-to-day living at home and in public to be a positive and enjoyable experience for you, your pet and everyone you meet, then this course is for you. During the 45 minute classes you will learn how to teach your dog to:

  • come back when called
  • walk on a loose lead
  • stop unwanted behaviour
  • have good social skills
  • settle when requested to

This basic course is suitable for:

-puppies progressing from puppy class -older or rescue dogs who have had little or no training

Total Price: 6 weeks £54