Links the Registration Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners Pet dog training for companion dogs, teaching good manners and life-skills, rather than the more traditional teaching of competitive exercises and disciplines

Good sources of information and behaviour articles Puppy and dog training tips Lots of training tips and factsheets. Check out the “Be Dog Smart” campaign for family safety around dogs For great behaviour articles

In more depth… Information about dog behaviour and the possible consequences of using aversive training techniques A comprehensive compilation of Patricia’s articles, blogs and videos Roger’s blog about about life, evolution, biology, animal behavior, traveling, and much more veterinary webinars, some free

Miscellaneous Keeping you safe around dogs Free sound based treatment programmes A website to help you find the right food for your dog For the most up to date information on laws affecting dogs and their owners Turn your dog’s favourite pastime into your favourite hobby! 5,000 listed dog friendly pubs A site was that provides a web based image processing tool that can be used to demonstrate the differences in visual perception between humans and dogs Find dog walking fields in your area

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